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Entry #2

Happy Clockday 2010!

2010-08-15 09:46:12 by wrenchclock

Well, Clock Day is upon us again and it's finally given me a reason to work on a movie, so here it is.

Happy Clock Day, everyone! The Clock Crew <3's you.


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2010-08-16 11:11:06

robot day is more fun

wrenchclock responds:

As lovely as Robot Day is, i prefer Clock Day for the wonderful community submissions and overall fun.


2011-06-05 11:13:00

Hahaha tht one so deserves a trophy. (Nyan Clock) n***a n***a n***a n***a n***a why you drink so much beer? XD AWESOME!

wrenchclock responds:

You commented on the wrong thing bro!


2011-06-05 14:34:51

you fail in life bro


2011-06-06 14:32:56

Thank you for the offer, really. When i think of it, CC doesn`t actually show any GOOD reason why is it famous or why it exists. So, yes, i would like to join CC, if not, at least bring up better ideas. WhenEVER you guys are up for a CC Collab tell me. I will help as much as i can.

As for you, Buujack, seriously, get a life. This guy just does collab or solo project animations (some better some worse) for FUN not for expectations or fame. As i can tell he has a MUCH better life than u. Want proof?
1. Showing sense of humor and bright personality; something a fail will NEVER have;
2. He`s not going troll in front of others for some bad flash just to show how miserable actually HE is.
So i advice you to think before you say anything then react. Now you realized what full load of bullshit you wrote on his upload and soften up here. Things don`t work like that. I hope you`ll get banned from reviewing sooner or later.

wrenchclock responds:



2011-06-06 15:04:14

I like this Shadowwalker15 guy


2011-06-07 11:28:37

Then i guess ClockWalker will do fine.


2011-06-07 14:35:06

And there we have it, this prick again reviewed. Another proof he`s miserable. Why care again to review if he doesn`t care for 'someone that fails in life`s work'?
Heh. Just leave him. Karma will teach him now or later.


2011-06-07 21:49:20



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